Annual Reports


PDF: Towards Adoption: Farmers Assess Livelihood-Transforming Technologies – Annual Report 2016

  • Who we are
  • Message from the Board Chair
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Priority Areas
  • Priority Area 1: Mitigating Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
    Developing drought tolerant and insect resistant maize
  • Priority Area 2: Pest Management
    Controlling Striga weed in maize farms
    Managing the Maruca pod borer in cowpea
    Improving banana, Ensete and cassava against bacterial diseases
    Managing the maize lethal necrosis disease

  • Priority Area 3: Mechanisation
    Promoting agricultural mechanisation for efficiency and better productivity
  • Priority Area 4: Soil Management
    Improving rice productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Priority Area 5: Enabling Environment
    Product profiling and ex ante socioeconomic impact assessment
    Intellectual property management and licensing
    Regulatory and policy engagement
    Product stewardship
    Communication, issue management and public acceptance
    Positively influencing policy change for an agriculture friendly environment
    Building ‘seed bridges’ to improve small-holder access to quality seed
  • Priority Area 6: Improving Breeding Methods
    Developing hybrid rice with yield advantage
  • Priority Area 7: Improving Food Safety and Quality
  • Financial report 2016
  • Board of Trustees 2016
  • AATF Staff 2016
  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • Mixed fortunes for Striga Control in Maize Project as MLN and drought rear their ugly heads
  • Efficacy trials confirm resistance of transgenic cowpea to pod-borer pests
  • Great achievements in development and commercialisation of WEMA products
  • Trials of hope: Milestones achieved in NEWEST Rice Project as Nigeria commissions trial facility
  • Demand for mechanisation shoots up as cassava farmers bag bumper harvests
  • Promising yields from hybrid rice trials
  • 2015 a defining year for Seeds2B variety evaluation trials in Malawi and Zimbabwe
  • OFAB welcomes new phase, redefines biotech advocacy
  • Developing transgenic bananas resistant to BXW disease
  • Overcoming regulatory challenges in commercialisation and adoption of biofertlilisers and biopesticides in Africa
  • Sampling and testing protocol: Ensuring accuracy in determining aflatoxin contamination in maize and peanuts
  • Financial Report 2015
  • Board of Trustees 2015
  • AATF Staff 2015
  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • New partnerships, first hybrid and new varieties re-energise the Project and boost commercialisation of StrigAway maize seed
  • Gearing to deliver pod-borer resistant cowpea to farmers
  • DroughtTEGO gains higher demand – even as MLN devastates the maize market
  • NEWEST Rice Project ushers in Phase II as Nigeria joins the Project
  • Higher yields and better prices for cassava farmers under CAMAP
  • First hybrid rice developed
  • OFAB opts for high-impact grassroots outreach
  • The Seeds2B Project rolls off its workplan with technology needs assessment and scouting
  • Expanding the horizon of possibilities – producing and testing transgenic lines with stacked genes
  • Commercial Products II (COMPRO II) Project
  • USDA-FAS initiative for bio-pesticide registration guidance for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Control of aflatoxin contamination in maize and peanuts in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Message from the Board Chair & Executive Director
  • Efforts intensified towards enhancing production and access to Striga control in maize seed in East Africa
  • Ghana conducts first trials for pod-borer resistant cowpea as Nigeria progresses into multi-location trials
  • Second confined field trial for Bacterial Wilt Resistance Banana established in Uganda
  • The first conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties commercialised in Kenya
  • First NEWEST rice field trials established in Uganda and Ghana
  • Aflasafe biocontrol commercialisation efforts intensified in Kenya and Senegal
  • Cassava project expands in Nigeria as Uganda gets on board
  • Hybrid Rice Project develops first set of hybrids for field testing in 2014
  • Growing interest in OFAB prompts launch of a new chapter in Zimbabwe
  • New project to address access to quality seed in Sub-Saharan Africa formed
  • Financial Report
  • Imazapyr herbicide registered in Tanzania as country gears for commercialisation of maize varieties to fight the Striga weed
  • Successful Bt cowpea trials pave way for multi-locational testing in Nigeria as Ghana receives approval for first confined field trial
  • Banana cultivar lines with resistance to bacterial wilt disease developed in Uganda
  • WEMA prepares to deploy conventional hybrids and receives permits for Bt maize trials in Kenya and Uganda
  • Ghana and Uganda prepare to conduct rice trials as project generates transgenic lines for testing
  • Aflatoxin Control Project receives approval for on-farm testing in Kenya as demand for bio-control technology rises in Nigeria
  • Cassava Mechanisation and Agro-processing Project kicks-off in Zambia and Nigeria
  • Demand for OFAB grows as a sixth chapter is launched in Burkina Faso
  • Financial report
  • Message from the Project Coordinator - Download 2012 Banana Project Progress Report
  • Project overview
  • Project Management
  • Product development progress
  • Confined field trial compliance
  • Communications and outreach
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Project Partners


NEWEST 2012 Annual Project Progress Report

  • Message from the Project Coordinator
  • About the Newest Rice Project
  • Project Activities and Key Milestones
  • Project Management
  • The NEWEST Rice Project Partnership

  • Uganda prepares to deploy seed to control Striga infestation in maize
  • Burkina Faso undertakes confined field trials for Maruca-resistant cowpea
  • Development of Kenyan banana varieties with resistance to bacterial wilt begins as promising trial results are reported in Uganda
  • Conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties submitted for national performance trials
  • Uganda approves testing of rice in confined field trials
  • Aflatoxin control technology tested in Kenya
  • OFAB fifth chapter launched in Ghana
  • Financial Report

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  • Fighting Striga in Farmers’ Maize Fields – Seed Production and Deployment Enhanced
  • Second CFT Planted Successfully in Nigeria
  • Confined Field Trial Planted in Uganda
  • Confined Field Trials Approved in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa
  • Project Prepares for Confined Field Trials for Transgenic Rice in 2012
  • Efficacy of AflaSafe™ Confirmed
  • Effective Regulation of Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Responsible Management of Intellectual Property in Agriculture
  • Building Trust in Public-Private Partnerships
  • OFAB Chapters Reflect on Success, Challenges and Lessons
  • Financial Report
ENGAGEMENT VIS-À-VIS DES AGRICULTEURS: Essais d'innovations agricoles sur le terrain - Annual Rapport Annuel 2010
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 Annual Report 2010
  • Lutte contre le Striga, dans les champs de maïs des agriculteurs - Amélioration de la production et du déploiement des semences
  • Deuxième plantation réussie d'essai en milieu confiné au Nigeria
  • Plantation d'essai en milieu confiné en Ouganda
  • Approbation des essais en milieu confiné au Kenya, en Ouganda et en Afrique du Sud
  • Préparation du projet pour essais en milieu confiné du riz transgénique en 2012
  • Confirmation de l'efficacité de l'AflaSafe™
  • Réglementation efficace de la biotechnologie en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Gestion responsable de la propriété intellectuelle dans l'agriculture
  • Instauration de la confiance dans les partenariats publics-privés
  • Les sections régionales de l'OFAB reflètent le succès, les défis et les leçons
  • Rapport financier
COMPROMISSO COM OS AGRICULTORES: Ensaios de campo de inovações na agricultura – Relatório Anual 2010
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Annual Report 2010
  • A luta dos Agricultores contra a Estriga nos campos de milho – Aumento da produção e distribuição de sementes
  • Segundo ensaio de campo confinado plantado com sucesso na Nigériaa
  • Ensaio de campo confinado plantado no Uganda
  • Ensaio de campo confinado aprovado no Quénia, no Uganda e na África do Sul
  • Projeto prepara ensaio de campo confinado para arroz transgénico em 2012
  • Confirmada a eficácia do AflaSafe™
  • Regulamentação de Biotecnologia no Sub-Saara Africano
  • Gestão responsável da Propriedade Intelectual na Agricultura
  • Criar confiança em parcerias público-privadas
  • A OFAB reflete sobre sucesso, desafios e lições
  • Relatório Financeiro
Plus proche de la promesse: Du laboratoire au champ - Rapport annuel 2009
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  • Lutte contre le Striga dans les exploitations de maïs des petits agriculteurs en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Tout premier essai du niébé Bt en milieu confiné en Afrique
  • Développement de bananes transgéniques résistantes au BXW
  • Maïs économe en eau pour l’Afrique (WEMA)
  • NUEST : Transformation du nouveau riz pour l’Afrique
  • Les agriculteurs adoptent AflaSafe™, premier produit biologique indigène de lutte contre les aflatoxines en Afrique
  • Concept du produit : Lutte contre le Striga dans les champs de sorgho des petits agriculteurs en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Les technologies agricoles chinoises pourraient fournir un nouveau mode d’engagement Chine-Afrique
  • OFAB : Sensibilisation aux technologies agricoles avancées
  • Rapport financier
Mais perto da promessa: Do laboratório ao campo - Relatório Anual de 2009
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  • Controlo de Striga em Pequenas Quintas de Milho da África Subsariana
  • Primeiro Ensaio de Campo Confinado de Feijão-Frade Bt em África
  • Desenvolvimento de Bananas Transgénicas Resistentes a BXW
  • Milho com Eficiência Hídrica para África (WEMA)
  • NUEST: Transformar Novo Arroz para África
  • Agricultores Adoptam AflaSafeTM, o Primeiro Produto Autóctone de Controlo Biológico de Aflatoxina em África
  • Conceito de Produto: Controlo de Striga em Pequenas Quintas de Sorgo da África Subsariana
  • Tecnologias Agrícolas Chinesas Podem Oferecer Novo Modelo de Cooperação China-África
  • OFAB: Sensibilização para as Tecnologias Agrícolas Avançadas
  • Relatório Financeiro
Closer to the Promise: From Lab to Field - Annual Report 2009
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  • Striga Control in Smallholder Maize Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • First Ever Confined Field Trial of the Bt Cowpea in Africa
  • Developing Transgenic BXW-Resistant Bananas
  • Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA)
  • NUEST: Transforming New Rice for Africa
  • Farmers Embrace AflaSafe™, the First Indigenous
  • Aflatoxin Biological Control Product in Africa
  • Striga Control in Smallholder Sorghum Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Chinese Agricultural Technologies Could Provide New China-Africa Mode of Engagement
  • OFAB: Creating Awareness for Advanced Agricultural Technologies
  • Financial Report
Relatório Anual de 2008. Resolver as Limitações dos Agricultores Através de Intervenções Científicas
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  • Na Ofensiva – Alargar os Esforços de Controlo da Planta-Parasita Striga nas Culturas de Milho em África
  • Ensaios de Campo Controlados de Feijão-Frade Resistente a Maruca para África
  • Aumentar a Resistência à Murchidão Bacteriana da Banana
  • Desenvolver Milho com Eficiência Hídrica para África
  • O Nosso Projecto de Arroz NUEST
  • Controlar a Aflatoxina: Trabalhar para Evitar o Inevitável
  • Extrair Energia da Mandioca: Desenvolver uma Indústria do Etanol Baseada na Mandioca na África Subsariana
  • Progresso, Desafios e Oportunidades: Uma Síntese da Primeira Análise Externa da AATF
  • Regulamentar as Culturas GM em África: Seguir na Direcção Certa
  • As Vantagens Ocultas das Parcerias Público-Privadas
  • Adquirir uma Perspectiva Africana: Alargar o Fórum Livre sobre Biotecnologia Agrícola em África
  • Relatório Financeiro
Rapport annuel 2008. Aborder les contraintes des fermiers par des interventions scientifiques
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  • À l'offensive: Expansion des efforts d'endiguement de la mauvaise herbe Striga sur le maïs en Afrique
  • Essais de gourgane résistante au Maruca contrôlés sur le terrain pour l'Afrique
  • Établissement de résistance au flétrissement bactérien de la banana
  • Développement de maïs économe en eau pour l'Afrique
  • Notre projet sur le riz NUEST
  • Contrôle de l'aflatoxine : Comment éviter l'inévitable
  • Dérivation d'énergie à partir du manioc : Développement d'une industrie d'éthanol basée sur le manioc en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Progrès, enjeux et opportunités : Synthèse de la Première revue externe de l'AATF
  • Réglementation des cultures MG en Afrique : Dans la bonne voie
  • Avantages cachés des Partenariats Publics/Privés
  • Acquisition d'une perspective en Afrique : Expansion du Forum Ouvert pour la Biotechnologie Agricole en Afrique
  • Rapport financier
Addressing Farmers’ Constraints Through Scientific Interventions. Annual Report 2008
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  • On the Offensive: Expanding Striga Weed Control Efforts on Maize in Africa
  • Controlled Field-Testing of Maruca-Resistant Cowpea for Africa
  • Building Resistance to Bacterial Wilt Disease in Banana
  • Developing Water Efficient Maize for Africa
  • Our NUEST Rice Project
  • Controlling Afflatoxin: Working to Avoid the Unavoidable
  • Deriving Energy from Cassava: Developing a Cassava-based Ethanol Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Progress, Challenges and Opportunities: A Synthesis of AATF’s First External Review
  • Regulating GM Crops in Africa: Moving in the Right Direction
  • The Hidden Beneffits of Public/ Private Partnerships
  • Gaining an African Perspective: Expanding the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Financial Report
Towards a Prosperous and Food Secure Africa, Progress and Promise: Annual Report 2007
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  •  Farmers Accept New Weapon against Witchweed: Perceptions on StrigAway® Maize Technology in Kenya
  • Advances in the Development of Maruca-Resistant Cowpea Lines
  • Halting the Spread of Banana Bacterial Wilt in Africa Through Genetic Transformation
  • Combining Breeding and Biotechnology to Develop Water Efficient Maize for Africa
  • Seeking Ways to Realise the Potential of Cassava
  • Rice Varieties With Enhanced Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Salt Tolerance
  • Biological Control of Aflatoxin in Peanuts
    OFAB: A Fountain of Knowledge on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Innovative Pathways to Commercialising Agricultural Research Results in Africa
  • Implementing AATF’s Strategic Plan: The Balanced Score Card Approach
  • Financial Report
Delivering the Promise, Impacting Lives with New Technologies: Annual Report 2006
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  • Facilitating the Adoption of Strigaway® Maize Technology by Smallholder Farmers
  • Striga Management in Maize Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Major Hurdles Overcome: Essential Steps in Developing Bt Cowpea for Africa are Achieved
  • Joining the War to Combat the Banana Bacterial Wilt Epidemic in Africa’s Great Lakes Region
  • Update on Product Concepts
  • Bracing for Genetically Modified Crops: Status of Regulations for GM Crops in African Countries
  • Product Stewardship: Promoting the Responsible and Sustainable Use of New Agricultural Technologies
  • Ensuring Freedom to Operate
  • Gluing Public/Private Partnerships: Questions of Who and Why
  • Science, Technology and Agriculture in Africa: Sharing Information and Knowledge – The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Bridging the Gap to New Technologies for Smallholder Farmers in Africa: AATF Strategy (2007–2015)
  • 2006 Highlights
  • AATF – People Working Together

Harnessing the Potential of Public/Private Partnerships Annual Report 2005
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  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Where Hunger and Poverty Stifle Potential
  • Unleashing the Power of Public/Private Partnerships
  • Controlling "Witchweed" in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Accessing Proprietary Technology for Improving Cowpea Productivity
  • Working with Technology Donors
  • AATF Highlights
  • Update on Other Initiatives
  • Update on Discontinued Initiatives
  • Financial Report

A New Bridge to Sustainable Agricultural Development in Africa Annual Report 2004
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  • Message from the Board Chair 
  • Birth of an Idea
  • Implementation of the AATF Concept
  • New Ways to Facilitate the Transfer of Agricultural Technologies
  • Managing Intellectual Property to Benefit the Poor
  • Building Public-Private Partnerships
  • Projects Underway
  • Projects Under Development
  • Financial Report


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